Hayatınızı Kolaylaştıracak Hizmetler

Indoor Parking

You can enjoy our parking garage with a total capacity of 2750 vehicles and 6 floors free of charge.

Currency Exchange Office

You can buy and sell foreign currency in any currency you wish at our foreign exchange office.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

You can charge your car at 2 stations on the P4 floor of our parking garage


You can reach the unlimited experience of MarkAntalya without wasting time. The valet point is right next to the 100.Yıl West parking lot entrance of Kahve Dünyası.

Bank ATMs

You can make your transactions from the ATMs of Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, Ak Bank, Garanti, İş Bank and Yapı Kredi banks.

Special for Families with Children

You can meet all your baby's needs in our units specially designed for families.


You can fulfill your worship in our 600-person Musjid, which has the status of a mosque.

Car Wash

On the P4 floor, you can have your car washed with Carwax assurance.

Motorcycle & Bicycle Parking Area

You can park your motorcycles and bicycles in the special areas reserved for you on the P2 parking level

Baby Strollers and Wheelchairs

Baby strollers and wheelchairs for disabled guests are available at the information desk.